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We offer a range of services from media relations, operations and consulting to sound system and stage set up. The range also includes  videography, photography, motivational sessions, athlete performance analytics and more



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Pushing Limits is about telling stories that have helped to make a difference. It is about telling the tale where effects have been had on lives by those who have been a source of inspiration and positive change. Our aim is tapping into it, telling the impact stories that captivates. How the story is told is completely up to the individual.

Sometimes we can get caught up in the larger statistics and miss the emotional qualities that can be conveyed with one individual’s experience.

The aim of Pushing Limits is  to highlight and support initiatives and role models that are providing innovative and effective answers to societal issues. We help them increase their outreach and impact. It is our hope that our stories  will contribute to creating alternative visions for society and elevate our common level of consciousness.

Our Services provided include Hosting (master of ceremonies, moderators), Videography, Photography, Sound System, Screens and Lighting for indoor and outdoor events such as Press conferences and Corporate Gatherings, PR consultancy, seminars and Conventional models.


We also provide Media training,Public Relations and  Social Media Management services to athletes, sporting organizations and a range of other businesses.


Shaka Hislop - ESPN Analyst;
Ex-Trinidad and Tobago & English Premiership goalkeeper

I have worked with and alongside Shaun Fuentes during my entire time with the Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team. I have always found him professional, thorough and accommodating in both his duties to the FA and in his interactions with and representations of the players.Over the years Shaun has become a trusted friend.

It has been both encouraging and inspiring to see his development as a professional and rise through the ranks in both media and international football.


Shaw Brown - Lead Producer at ESPN and Fox Sports broadcasts of US, MLS and 2018 Russia World Cup matches

I have worked with Shaun Fuentes over the years on World Cup Qualifiers and friendlies.

Although I have been working on the away broadcasts, Shaun has gone out of his way to help us get whatever we need from match day -1 meetings with players and managers to post match live interviews on air.

I cannot say enough about the professionalism and ability of Shaun.  

It has always been a pleasure to work with him
and he always delivers.


Frits Ahlstrom - FIFA and UEFA Media Officer

As the FIFA Media Officer in Nelspruit during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa I got to know Shaun Fuentes as my partner in the Media Centre and at the Stadium. 

Shaun was given a wide range of tasks related to media services as a fellow FIFA Media Officer. His response was always positive and his work was quickly and efficiently accomplished. He proved himself to be reliable and precise. His ability to focus on the task in hand allowed him to successfully gain the respect of me, the media, the local organisation, the teams and the volunteers. 

In addition to the highly professional capacities he displayed, Shaun was an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the team in the Media Centre in Nelspruit, carrying out his work discreetly and behaving in a manner which won him a lot of friends.


Princes Town, Trinidad and Tobago Tel: 868-681-5429

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