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The contributors here were asked to Keep It Real and we express our sincerest gratitude to them.




Michael Kammarman (USA)

Press Officer, US Men's National Soccer Team (USSF)
May 2001-Present

Shaun is simply one of the finest press officers in the region.

Professional, thoughtful, responsive and humble are among the many deserved superlatives you can ascribe to him.

No matter the result in the match – and we have certainly both experienced highs and lows in that regard – the relationship has been respectful and collegial. More than just a colleague, happy to call Shaun a friend for life.


Julian Gonzales (USA)

Reporter/Correspondent, beIN Sports

As a television sports correspondent for over 20 years, I've been truly blessed to have covered and interviewed countless amazing athletes and coaches. What a lot of people might not realize is that in order for that connection to happen a reporter needs the help of someone to facilitate that interaction and provide other vital information that help comprise a great and informative story.

I can honestly say that Shaun is at the top of the people I think of when I think of a true professional who has made my job so much easier and enjoyable. As a reporter working with press officers and other team communications staff, all I ask for is to be treated fairly and professionally.

As the U.S. men's national team correspondent for beIN Sports I had the pleasure of first meeting Shaun during the World Cup qualifiers for Brazil 2014 and later the Russia 2018 CONCACAF qualifiers. Shaun has always, and I mean always, been accommodating with whatever I needed to do my job. Believe me when I tell you that not all people in his job capacity do what he does to make things easier for others. Always prepared, fully professional, going above-and-beyond and doing so with genuine humility is how I would best describe someone who I would consider a great person and friend.

Russell Latapy (Trinidad and Tobago)

Former Professional Footballer with Porto, Boavista (Portugal)
Glasgow Rangers, Hibernian, Falkirk (Scotland)

Current Head Coach, Barbados National Team

Mr Fuentes' tenure with the Trinidad and Tobago National team expands  to almost twenty years in the capacity as media relations officer.  I've known him and worked with him both as a player and a head coach.  I've seen his progress and development over the years and  I found him extremely hard working and committed in his role. He is disciplined in his duties and has instilled a level of respect and camaraderie among the players.

During his time with the national team of Trinidad and Tobago, Shaun has been instrumental in the development of players and maintained consistency and efficiency in his duties. His work ethic is commendable and I would recommend him to other organizations in need of the services he provides.



Clive Toye (left) Jay Emmett, Pele, Steve Ross & Gordon Bradley during

the New York Cosmos days.

Clive Toye (British American)

Former Chief Sports Writer Daily Express UK
Former Senior Concacaf Consultant

First General Manager of the New York Cosmos, responsible for

bringing Pele to the North American Soccer League to popularise

Soccer. He was inducted into the US National Soccer Hall of Fame in 2003 and the Concacaf Hall of Fame in 2009.

My last official capacity, at the end of a very long career, was to be Senior Consultant for CONCACAF and help move every element forward. This included finding and encouraging people whom I felt would be valuable assets in the future. 

Of course, after so many years, I cannot recall precisely what made me put Shaun Fuentes on the list of positive people but there was no question that he had the assets and attitude that would make him successful -  successful for himself and for whomever wanted his work.  So I was right.  His career successes are detailed and extensive but to me there is a simple matter....when I hear his name mentioned, there are immediate thoughts of a person and professional worth knowing. There are others, of course, but one of them is definitely Shaun Fuentes.


Stephen Hart (Trinidad and Tobago, Canada)

Former Trinidad and Tobago and Canada Men's Football head coach

Current head coach of Halifax Wanderers, Canada

Shaun has been overseeing the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association media department for around 20 years. He has always displayed a passion for his role and Trinidad and Tobago football in general.

I have worked with Shaun in a professional capacity, as he oversaw the media relations for the National team during my tenure as coach of the Men's  National team of Trinidad and Tobago.

His commitment and overall competence has been recognized by both Concacaf & FIFA. which in itself is a testament to his ability.

Shaun has always displayed an attention to detail, with a thorough approach. I have no hesitation in writing this testimonial and look forward to his future work with "Pushing Limits."


Stephen Hart

Colin Benjamin (Guyana,Canada)

Communications, Cricket West Indies

The Trinidad & Tobago Football “Soca Warriors” brand is among the few globally known and respected sports entities with a history of success in the Caribbean, alongside West Indies Cricket, Jamaica “Reggae Boyz” football, Jamaica and Bahamas athletics.

Shaun Fuentes' media work with Trinidad football in that context, which has been recognized by FIFA, makes him one of the standard bearers in the CARICOM sports communications profession over the last two decades.

Although I was aware of who Shaun was as a kid reading the sports pages in newspapers since Trinidad & Tobago played in the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, my first professional working relationship with him occurred in 2014 when I was the media officer W Connection FC in the Trinidad & Tobago Pro League.

Fresh in the communications world, Shaun was kind enough to lend me his video camera to use and it helped me a great deal in learning the art and my team media coverage with W Connection at the time.

As I’ve moved on to work in other communications roles in football and cricket with the Guyana Football Federation, Canada Soccer, Global T20 Canada, Ontario Soccer and currently with Cricket West Indies, I would still always observe the way Shaun conducts his communications output whether for the TTFA, CONCACAF or FIFA as for both self improvement guidance and inspiration to see a Caribbean brother do his craft so well

Frits Ahlstrom (Denmark)

 FIFA Media Officer and Senior UEFA Media Officer

worked with Shaun at the 2010 FIFA World Cup

As the FIFA Media Officer in Nelspruit during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa I got to know Shaun Fuentes as my partner in the Media Centre and at the Stadium. 

Shaun was given a wide range of tasks related to media services as a fellow FIFA Media Officer. His response was always positive and his work was quickly and efficiently accomplished. He proved himself to be reliable and precise. His ability to focus on the task in hand allowed him to successfully gain the respect of me, the media, the local organisation, the teams and the volunteers. 

In addition to the highly professional capacities he displayed, Shaun was an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the team in the Media Centre in Nelspruit, carrying out his work discreetly and behaving in a manner which won him a lot of friends.



Shaka Hislop (Trinidad and Tobago, USA)

Former Trinidad and Tobago Goalkeeper. Played for Portsmouth, Newcastle United, West Ham and Reading FC.

Current ESPN Analyst

I have worked with and alongside Shaun Fuentes during my entire time with the Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team.

I have always found him professional, thorough and accommodating in both his duties to the FA and in his interactions with and representations of the players.
Over the years Shaun has become a trusted friend.

It has been both encouraging and inspiring to see his development as a professional and rise through the ranks in both media and international football.


I look forward eagerly to his telling the stories of our football, giving our game the international platform it deserves, with stories that educate and inspire the local fan.

Kyle Lequay (Trinidad and Tobago)

President, Beach Soccer Association of Trinidad  and Tobago,

Owner - 63 Lounge on the Avenue
Marketing and Business Professional

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Shaun Fuentes as he embarks on his 'Pushing Limits' initiative. I have known Shaun for more than 10 years, in which time I have had the privilege to observe him both as a person and a professional.

Shaun is an excellent media and communications professional and is extremely passionate about the sporting industry, specifically football.

He possesses a UWI/FIFA/CIES Sport Management Diploma and over 20 years of experience with the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association.


Shaun has overseen the media relations for National teams in multiple international competitions and also FIFA World Cups;  a job he has done with distinction.

Shaun’s dedication and commitment to a high standard of detail have contributed to the success of all projects we worked on together. Shaun is a dependable, intelligent, organized and diligent individual.


I am convinced that he will take 'Pushing Limits' to immeasurable heights and would add value the sporting world with this initiative.

Anton Corneal (Trinidad and Tobago)

FIFA Expert, Consultant and Instructor; CONCACAF Coaching instructor.
Qualified Trinidad and Tobago U-17 Men's Team to the 2007
FIFA U-17 Men's World Cup.

Hi I am Anton Corneal, a Friend and working associate of Mr Shaun Fuentes. It gives me great pleasure to not only endorse Shaun’s endeavours but wish him success in his business ventures.

Shaun knows the type of work needed for success in any business and because of his professional demeanour and work ethic, I would recommend any Company /Organization to afford his company the opportunity to with you.

Great venture
Anton Corneal 

Phil Schoen (USA)

Commentator - beIN SPORTS, SiriusXM, VoiceGoals

If I recall correctly, I first met Shaun two decades ago because of a World Cup qualifier between Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti. The reason I bring that up, is he made such an impact with his professionalism and attitude that I remember him so positively twenty years later.

I knew then that he would make a positive impact whatever he decided to focus on. And he has !

Over the years we've stayed in touch, and I continue to be impressed by the work he does and the way he conducts himself. He's good at what he does, and he's a class act to boot.

Vidia Ramphal. (Trinidad and Tobago)

Newscaster, Sport and Entertainment Commentator/Host

Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT)

Flow Sports

Shaun Fuentes is the best communications professional I have had the pleasure to work with in Trinidad and Tobago.

He has made a significant contribution to lifting the profile of football in this country through unswerving dedication and professionalism.

Shaun has carried out his duties with humility and a commitment to excellence. I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend him and wish him the best for the future.


Shaw Brown(USA)

Producer ESPN and Fox Sports

I have worked with Shaun Fuentes over the years on World Cup Qualifiers and friendlies.  Although I have been working on the away broadcast, Shaun has gone out of his way to help us get whatever we need from match day -1 meetings with players and managers to post match live interviews on air.

I cannot say enough about the professionalism and ability of Shaun.  

It has always been a pleasure to work with him and he always delivers.


Elvis Bristow (Grenada)

Manager, Paradise Football Club

Grenada, W.I.

Your Media and Communications course taught us the importance of information to all our stakeholders within our sporting ecosystem or industry

It showed us the importance of Sports media in the transition from an amateur club to a Semi-professional or Professional club and role it plays in their functioning as an organization

Your course  emphasized to us the importance of Digital sports media in keeping our identity viable within the world and maintaining our identity in our market niche.

Rather interestingly it showed how Sports media play a technical role in the identification of transitional leadership within a club.

This course was facilitated eloquently in a well conducive environment where all participants maximized on the professional information that was given.

I recommend Mr. Shaun Fuentes to facilitate more of these workshops throughout the Caribbean.


"Testimonials describe what has been and are a promise of what is to come. From testimonials and personal experience we have enough information to conclude that it's possible to design and live a life that is worth living."

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